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Hispania - Spanish Restaurant in The City, London

Cheval Calico House is near Hispania Restaurant in The City.
Hispania is a new, high ceilinged, vault-like restaurant in the centre of the Square Mile, and yet it has captured the comfort and warmth of an intimate, long-time favourite taverna.
The dining room is beautifully lit and a golden glow fills the space; seating is spaced in that way that makes you feel in the middle of the buzz without being overlooked or overheard. The menu politely carries some reliable tapas dishes, but doesn’t shy away from bolder choices and the less familiar.
The IbĂ©rican ham is sublime – opt for the hand carved when you order, and the cheese board is a really strong selection of fine Spanish cheeses.
The team advises that we try both the Ham and Hispania variants – the latter a punchier, meatier version but both fried golden brown with a delicious crunch.
The Gambas Al Ajillo are crispy and pungent with the garlic – really addictive. But here is the shining star: Arroz Negro. The rice peppered with finely c…

London Fun Facts: The best things in the city that no one knows about!

What are the best things to do in London that no one knows about? We got you curious right?
Ian Wright is a Canadian expat living London since September 2010 and a Londoner in the heart. His love for the city and curiosity made him ask himself and others, what were London's little secrets. We found it rather interesting, check it out:
The London Eye - "Between 3am and 4am (usually, weather permitting), the London Eye is put in to a self-cleaning cycle and rotates at about 6RPM. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but that’s one revolution every 10 seconds! It gets all the rain, dust, grime etc off, all the mud etc ends up in the thames. They don’t “offically” allow you to ride it in this time, but slipping the cleaners (who aren’t the normal ride operators) £20 will get you on one of the pods.
It’s a hell of a rush but it's only a matter of time until someone gets hurt and they stop this."
Celebrity Spotting -  "Celebrity Spotting in London is a fun hobby, but the first …

Christmas Lights in London 2013

Cheval Residences is the perfect option to see the Christmas Lights in London this holiday!
The City of London takes Christmas very seriously. London's Christmas Lights are like a cinammon and spice slap in the face. It makes you believe in Santa no matter how old you are and makes even the grumpiest person in the world smile.
Enough said, here is the list of the best Christmas Lights sites in London.
Carnaby Christmas 2013: The Year of the Robin The 13 streets that make up this prime west Soho shopping area always make a fuss for Christmas - and this year is no exception. Expect a flock of giant robins to start bobbing along from Nov14, when the lights on the arches of Carnaby Street itself will also be switched on. A huge LED screen will display your tweets and Instagram snaps of the event, while you enjoy the live entertainment: gigs from breaking bands, free drinks, goodie bags and even a talk on current trends from Grazia's Editor-at-Large Angela Buttolph. The website will al…

The Perfumer's Library from luxury perfumer Miller Harris

Cheval Knightsbridge is a few tube stations from Miller Harris store.
The idea of a fragrance made for you is great. Not only it sounds like something only queens and princesses would have, it is also an opportunity to really reflect your personality through your perfume. And in a perfect scenario, maybe even have more than one scent, because let's face it, we all have our mood swings. 
Perfumer Lyn Harris, founder of luxurious fragrance house Miller Harris, has turned the idea of the signature scent on its head with her Perfumer's Library collection. The Perfumer's Library is a set of five scents to suit different seasons, occasions and moods. The idea, according to Miller Harris, is to "build up a wardrobe of fragrances rather than being restricted to purely one". 
The Perfumer's Library will initially feature five of Harris' personal favourites, which have (until now) never been sold. These are: No.1 Le Jasmin, a dewy white floral created in 2010; a scent…