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Behind the Scenes at Cheval Three Quays - Part 1

As I approach my one year anniversary at Cheval Residences, I really wanted to learn more about the people behind the face of Cheval Three Quays. Like most of us, I am fascinated by this unique residence and wanted to learn about the personalities that make up the team.
I spent the morning with the fabulous Louise, Head Housekeeper at Cheval Three Quays. I have to say I was heartened to see how much attention to detail and love my colleagues invest in their roles.
We started the day with a meeting, learning all about manual handling (remember: bend your knees, not your back!) Then we were allocated apartments to clean as well as the ‘job of the day’. It may have been a small job, but it makes all the difference. Today’s task just so happened to be descaling the sink.

I realised just how much energy and effort goes into the upkeep of our residences and it was great to see this first hand! I believe it’s the finer details that really do matter. Walls are ‘touched up’, birthday cards are p…