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'Anyone for tennis?'

With the days growing longer and Wimbledon fast approaching we all have more reason to enjoy the sunshine. Grab some strawberries and dust off those rackets as we share with you our top picks for where to watch the big game this month whilst topping up your Vitamin D.
‘Murray Mound’ Closest Residence: Cheval Gloucester Park Map here
Coined after tennis superstar Andy Murray, the informal and more commonly known name for Aorangi Terrace sits right outside the actual Wimbledon tennis courts. Those without tickets are able to sit on the hill and watch on big screens, all whilst being in close proximity to the actual game. You may even be scouted by journalists for a quick ‘cameo role’ on the ten o’clock news!
One New Change Closest Residence: Cheval  Calico House Map here
Drop by the city for a spot of shopping and then climb the rooftop of this shopping arcade for great views of London and a spot of tennis. One New Change is the perfect place for so…

The Cheval Burger

The 30th of May marked the colleague friends and family preview weekend at the brand new Cheval Harrington Court. In one such apartment a first of another kind was taking place, the birth of the ‘Cheval Burger’. So for the perfect weekend, here’s the perfect recipe.
Serves 4
For the atmosphere: Grab some good companyUncork a bottle of liquid refreshmentGet cooking!For the burgers:
500g Dry Aged Beef cuts (combination of chuck, rump cap, clod and sticking, thick flank and brisket) 100g Bone Marrow Bunch of flat leaf parsley, picked off its stalks and roughly chopped 4 Brioche burger buns 4 slices smoked mature cheddar cheese 2 Beef Tomatoes, sliced (preferably on the vine) 4 rashers smoked streaky bacon 1 Baby cos lettuce Mayonnaise Ask your local butcher to coarsely mince the beef cuts with the bone marrow, or fat.Divide the raw burger mix into 4 and shape into patties, pushing a small hollow in the centre of each to prevent doming when cooking.  Leave in the fridge to firm up.Preheat a cast iron …