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The best places to enjoy Brunch in London this summer

Cheval Three Quays is close to Duck & Waffle Restaurant. 

Brunch -  is a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch, and is a substitute for both these meals. The word is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch. Now THAT'S what we call a fantastic invention. 
Brunch is a ritual that fits summer perfectly. Either on Saturday to start the weekend or on Sunday for a late breakfast after a night out, brunch is a moment to relax and enjoy the best of the weekend. Here are some of the best places to have brunch in London:
Caravan, Clerkenwell
Caravan offers a weekend brunch menu to rival any in London in a relaxed and effortlessly cool setting on Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell. The New Zealand influenced restaurant has its own coffee roaster, so flat whites are very popular too. The open plan layout and double facing glassed front make this an ideal location for enjoying a vibrant part of London. Caravan has a second outpost on Granary Square behind King’s Cross station, Caravan King’s Cross, b…

True Taste

Cheval Residences, the London luxury residences by excellence, recommend Sipsmith Independent Distillers for their refined taste. 
"We're small, we're independent and we craft truly artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality" - The Sipsmiths 

What else would the distinguished gourmet want? If finding the true tase of spirits is what you search for when you savour these delicate beverages, Sipsmith Independent Distillers is your answer. 
How have they maintained the art of distillation over the years? Simply by using the techniques of our ancestors. Hence, the Sipsmiths as they humouristically nickname themselves, are proud to present the organisation's latest baby, Prudence, the first copper still to be launched in London for over 200 years making the distillation of both vodka and gin possible. 

We are a few days into summer, this is why we have selected for you "summer in a glass" as recommended by Sipsmith James. The specificity of this blend, known …

All the Questions You've Never Dared to Ask About Tea

Pouring yourself a cup of tea is a reconforting ritual which you probably treat yourself to a couple of times a day...Milk, sugar, lemon, scones, and sandwiches...who doesn't love tea time

On July 2nd, for those lucky to be in London, you will have a unique chance to exercise your taste buds with the 'Champagne' of teas collected by Ratan Mondal, founder of Tea2you. This passionate searches the Himalays for the finest tea leaves.

Save the date for this upcoming tea-tasting session. If you have not yet tried the Darjeeling First Flush 2013, it's highly time to do so...

Not only will you have a chance to taste the wide selection offered, but also learn more about the production and the processes involved in bringing the tea to from the Himalayas to your cup!

Tuesday July 2, 2013
11.30am to 1 pm

3rd floor
Finland House
56 Haymarket

What? (Among many)
Darjeeling First & Second Flushes
White Silver Needle
Indian Masala...

The feeling:

Did you know? D…

Bienvenue Chez Gordon's Wine Bar this Summer, for a Unique Experience around Wine !

Cheval Calico House is a 10 minute drive away from Gordon's Wine Bar - view the map here.

Gordon Wine's Bar is among the oldest bars in London. Established in 1890, it is one of the rare bar that started selling wine without a License, in agreement with Edward III's Vintner Charter.

It is sometimes impossible to escape one's destiny !

As its name implies, the bar is the property of Gordon families. The bar was bought by 2 families named Gordon, whose descendants were different. It was first owned by Angus Gordon in 1890, and bought by Luis Gordon in 1975.

The Frenglish Culture and the authentique decor makes the atmosphere unique. Gordon's Wine Bar definitely traveled the time while keeping its initial identity - including its name !

The bar doesn't provide High Speed Wifi, not even lamps... What for ?! They don't need them, and the proof is that they received TripAdvisor's 2013 Certificate of Excellence.

What Gordon's Wine Bar provides is a real expe…

Five parks in London not to be missed this summer

Cheval Hyde Park Gate is a few steps from Hyde Park in London
Summer is just a few days away and the urge to stay every possible second outside starts to grow on us. The sun, the brise combined with friends, the loved one or even just by yourself, the parks are the best way to enjoy summer. To read a book, relax, enjoy a snack with friends (have you seen our post about summer wines?) or get a little sun tanned, big parks or little ones are the best option to get the best out of this much waited season. 
Luckily, London has many parks and gardens to enjoy the sun. Here is the top 5 parks not to be missed when spending the sunny days in the city. And if you don't have time to stay in the park, at least try to pass through them during the day. It is just worth it as the famous attractions. 
Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens
Hyde Park is one of the largest parks that London has to offer. Located in central London, the park provides visitors a peaceful oasis from the busy pace of the city a…

The Perfect Match

Finding the appropriate present for father's day is not always the easiest task to accomplish. Some men seem to have everything, while others seem to not be interested by anything. Sometimes daddy is hype and trendy with an urban look, sometimes papa is distinguished and refined, and would never sacrifice his gentleman's discretion for a recent fashion trend.
This is why we decided to find 5 examples of original shopping ideas amongst renowned names. For each brand, we give an alternative hype vs classic.
Urban shopping atBang & Olufsen's.

Whatever his tastes, chances are, he listens to music. So why not to take a trip to Bang & Olufsen's? With a diversified range of audio and video devices, the brand excels in design and trendy-looking devices. Pimp daddy's ride with car accessories designed for brands such as Aston Martin and BMW. Find out more on the B&O Facebook page. 

Below, we have selected two types of earphones from the collection. From vibrant t…

The World's Biggest Denim Destination is in London! The Selfridges Denim Studio

Cheval Hyde Park is near Selfridges
Audrey Hepburn will excuse me but owning a good pair of jeans is as important (if not more important) that having a little black dress.
After learning through internal research, that the denim is the most wanted material among the clientele (like we didn't already know that), +Selfridges created the largest department of its kind in the world! It's called Denim Studio, which has just opened on the third floor of the famous luxury department store in London.
In the 2320 square meters - think of two Olympic swimming pools - more than 60 brands and 11,000 pairs of jeans are available to buyers of all tastes, shapes and budgets.
If there is a denim in the world that you're looking for, it's definitely there: low bugdet brands such as Primark, the most classic Levi's and Lee jeans, jeans masters like Citizens of Humanity and Paige, and the premium brands like Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen, the jeans in the Denim Studio can cost b…

The Path of Beauty - Best Make Up Stores in London

Cheval Phoenix House is near many beauty stores in London.
There are two kinds of women: the ones that like make up and the ones that LOVE make up. For special occasions only or in a daily basis; every women has her own beauty ritual.
If you are in London and want to try the makeup stores that live in every british ladies' heart, here are the places to find them:

Make Up Carnaby Street, 32 This shop is in the heart of the more commercial area of ​​London, close to Oxford Circus, in Carnaby Street. The british brand that offers an affordable and complete professional makeup collection  (a cream eyeshadow costs 15 pounds, for example). They even offer courses for you to learn how to do your own makeup.
Biba Vintage Make Up  Brick Lane Street  This is a hot tip for lovers and collectors of makeup. Big brand in the beauty industry, the Biba Vintage Make Up was the first brand to create and design colorful products. Although hard, it is possible to find these precious …

Summer Wines - A list for some summertime sipping

Cheval Thorney Court is close to a Whole Foods Market

As winter (finally) leaves, we put our heavy coats and boots away. To match our summer clothes, lighter and colorful, we should also leave the rich and complex wines in the cooler and get prepared to shop for some summer wines.
When we think of summer wines, the rosé or bubbly comes to mind, but there are also reds and whites ready to enjoy the sun and hot weather.
Here’s a selection of wines deemed ideal for summertime sipping by experts at premium organic retail chain +Whole Foods Market, and Food and Wine magazine that come from California, Washington, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal.
- Mont Gravet Cotes de Gascogne
- Donnafugata Anthilia                                                    - Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc                                     
- Vinum Cellars Chardonnay                                          - SeaGlass Santa Barbara Pinot Noir                            
- Monte Velho Red                          …

Louis Vuitton Travel Books come to London

Cheval Knightsbridge is a few tube stations from Louis Vuitton New Bond Street London
Luxury travelers looking to add to their collection of coffee table city guides may want to hit bookstores in London, where shelves are now stocked with +Louis Vuitton's latest, limited-edition travel books.
Illustrated by Japanese artist Natsko Seki, the London guide renders sites like the Tate Modern and Regent’s Canal — sites chosen because they express the “spirit of London,” she said — in her signature style, which super-imposes hand-drawn sketches and colors on top of still photographs.
Explaining the spirit behind her images, Seki said in a video: “In my mind it was as if I was creating a 3D city with everyday scenes like somebody walking their dog and the passers-by turning around to look.”
Other editions of Louis Vuitton Travel Books include Paris, illustrated by Congolese painter Cheri Samba, New York done by French illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme, and Easter Island, interpreted by Ameri…