iPhone 5S may come in different colors and sizes

If had already problems choosing between the black or white iPhone, you might have some more rough decisions to make this year. The next iPhone will feature new touch-sensor technology, a choice of two screen sizes and will be available in a range of fice colors, according to recent rumors.

The latest round of rumors relating to the next Apple iPhone suggests that it will come with a new form of touchscreen technology called touch on display, which offers an improvement over the current iPhone 5's touch-sensing capabilities, and that it will come in a choice of two different screen sizes and five different colors, pink, yellow, blue, white and silver, black and slate. This change would be related to the fact that many iPhone users have reported scrolling problems with the latest version of the handset and it has made Apple to move to a different touch sensor technology for future models of its smartphone.

The launch of this new phone, the iPhone 5S, would be possibly in May or June 2013.

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