For those of you who have been keeping up with our other social media platforms you may have noticed we have elected the Mayor’s Fund for London as our 2014/15 charity of the year! So far we have raised just over £13,500 however we hope to raise much more in the coming months.

Small pockets of poverty prevails in all of London’s 33 boroughs, this wonderful charity gives young Londoners the skills and opportunities to escape this poverty and succeed in finding a decent job and play a part in London’s future.

The Mayor’s Fund focuses on three priorities to make itself a roaring success:
Health and wellbeing – The Mayor’s Fund runs breakfast clubs in 50 London schools so hungry children can start the day full and ready to learn.
Skills – 6,500 young Londoners are improving their literacy and numeracy with help from The Mayor’s Fund.
Employment – Over the next year the charity will help find over 1,500 jobs and opportunities for young people in London.
‘How can we help’? Some of the great ideas we have generated so far include:

Cake Bake - volunteers can bake and sell their delicious creations.
Auction of promises - in your work place a prospective volunteer can offer their time and service to complete odd jobs for money be it making tea for a week or cleaning everyone’s shoes! Have fun with it.
Lunch club competition - participants compete over a week to bring in lunch for their colleagues. Lunch is sold to raise money with people scoring the meal out of 10 each day and the winner being announced at the end of the week.
Quiz night - One evening after work.
Baby picture competition - Participants brings in a photo of themselves as a baby and everyone pays to enter and play along. The winner is the person who guesses the most images correctly.
Exercise bike in the office - Work off those cakes in this fat to fit challenge and raise money!
Waxing for Money - Men are sponsored to wax their hairy legs and chests. A fun one for the ladies to watch.
Karaoke - Participants pay to nominate a colleague to sing, however the catch is if they don’t want to they need to donate a higher amount!

What do you think? If you have any great fundraising ideas please get in touch at

We all need to work towards eliminating poverty in today’s society and give our children a successful and prosperous future in the ‘greatest city on Earth.’ – Boris Johnson, Mayor of London.

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