Try then buy with Enclothed.

Looking to stay with Cheval Residences on your next weekend trip but don’t have the time (or the will) to shop for a new outfit? Read on.
Enclothed is a new and exclusive online men’s retailer where membership is currently by invitation only as they look to refine their unique service.

Outfits are handpicked by an Enclothed personal stylist and tailored to you by size, budget and type of garment sought after. Clothes are then picked and packed into an attractive travel box couriered to you for approval. You can then keep what you like and arrange a pick up for what you don’t, all with no added fees to you!

“We deal a lot with men who feel safe in suits but don’t know how to dress casually” professes Levi Young, co-founder of Enclothed. However their impressive inventory features both formal and informal attire as well as a barrage of accessories to team together including bow ties, belts and lavish wallets.
The system learns directly from its customer by analysing what is returned and kept further tailoring its service to you and with time understanding your personal clothing palate.

Enclothed aims to deliver style with minimal effort to you and with its current exclusive membership not open to the public, we hope to place an order from Cheval in the near future.

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