Vertu Ti - luxury phone handmade in Britain

With just a little over 320.000 clients worldwide, Vertu is definitely not for the mass market. And their latest product launch just reaffirms that this phone is a technology for few. 

With virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal screen for flawless optical quality (unless you carry a diamont in your pocket, it will not get scratched), lightweight titanium casing for strength without compromise, and symphonic sound tuned in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen and with musical punctuation from the London Symphony Orchestra, here’s the brand-new Vertu Ti: handmade in England and powered by Android. 

With a price tag of $10,569 (£6,994), this super-expensive communication device is notably the very first Android-powered smartphone from the house of Vertu, the British luxury handset manufacturer, that until last year was owned by Nokia and designed for the Symbian operating system.

Each device is assembled by hand. The name and signature of the person who assembled the phone is laser inscribed onto the inside lid of the SIM card holder. The Vertu handsets can only be purchased in 500 retail outlets, 70 of which are the company's own boutiques, around the world.

Each device has a "concierge" button that connects the caller with a global team who can provide localised advice and help with events and restaurant bookings. Not to mention that the screen will continue working even after being run over by a delivery truck - they are not just saying, it was tested. 

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