Brikk™ Launches Solid Gold and Platinum Cases for iPhone 5

This case may not be as expensive as the world's most expensive case (which is british by the way) but it is still something pretty unique. 

Brikk, design and branding pioneers, announced the launch of their product line of high-end, pure gold and platinum cases for the iPhone 5. Yes, not plated with gold, pure gold. Called the Haven™, the collection launches with three models crafted from gold and one model from platinum for the luxury market. The Haven is available in solid pink gold, yellow gold or platinum and ranges from $11,610-14,235 (£7,671-9,405). Each Haven sold will fund one metric ton of rice distributed by various NGOs.

The Haven is handmade by some of the most skilled artisans in the world. As it is made of solid gold or platinum its color and finish does not wear-off as with other plated cases and iPhones on the market. Each gold model features over 75 grams of gold; the platinum model features over 100 grams of platinum. Customized versions with diamonds and other precious stones are also available.

Targeted to the consumer seeking premium, luxury mobile phone accessories, the Haven is available directly from Brikk through their website.

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