Easter Special Products and Egg Hunting in London

Cheval Knightsbridge is near Harrods

It’s that time of year, where the shelves are stacked with chocolate delights and those with a sweet tooth over indulge in luxurious treats. If that’s you, then why not participate in the Giant Easter Egg Hunt at +Harrods as the event promises to be a fun filled afternoon for all the family. 

The Giant Easter Egg Hunt at Harrods promises to get you and your family into the Easter spirit, so enter the Toy Kingdom situated on the third floor, where your task will be to find the hidden eggs that are lurking in covert locations. After you have found the eggs, you will need to unlock the secret password for a chance to win a giant Easter hamper from Harrods exquisite selection. 

Also at Harrods this Easter period, why not take to the third floor reading room for the chance to make your very own Easter themed flip book, courtesy of Funflip. As well as this and the Giant Easter Egg Hunt at Harrods, there is also the chance to get involved in many other events and activities all over the store in celebration of this seasonal time, so why not head on over to get involved. 

The Giant Easter Egg Hunt at Harrods takes place on Friday 29th March – Saturday 30th March 2013 between 11am – 5pm. Entry to the events are free. For more information, please contact Harrods on 020 7730 1234.

And if Egg Huntinting is not your favorite sport but still you are all about the prize, Harrods offers a lot of special Easter products, like the Harrods Family Easter Hunt Feast (picture). As well as the Champagne, there are bottles of both red and white, a Muffin the bunny soft toy, Easter leaf tea, Easter hot chocolate, a Belgian chocolate selection, Easter eggs, duck and rabbit marshmallows, sugar coated eggs and lots of other goodies. The price is £250.00. You can see all their hampers and Easter products here.

Other department stores like +Selfridges Co and +Fortnum & Mason also have special Easter products.

In Selfridges, highlights include the Cadburys chocolate Egg'n'Spoon pack. These beautifully packaged chocolate eggs are filled with creamy chocolate mouse, ready to be peeled and eaten on the spot with the already provided spoon. There is also a range of Booja - Booja eggs containing a variety of different organic truffles and chocolates, including champagne truffles and expresso truffles.

In addition to a range of chocolate products aimed at kids, adults can also take part in all the fun for Easter at Selfridges by snapping up some luxury chocolate themed, indulgent gifts. There are the decadent boxes of chocolate eggs by Prestat, including sea salt and caramel, milk chocolate and rose and violet, as well as a pink Marc de Champagne egg from Charbonnel et Walker.

In Fortnum & Mason, treat someone you love to the Ultimate Easter Egg, which is a Russian doll style affair actually made up of five eggs hidden inside each other for £90.00. There are cheaper option such as the beautifully packaged hand decorated chocolate egg for £37.50, or the pretty Decorated Easter (boy and girl options available) for £15.00.

The Piccadilly store is also famous for its decadent hampers, and the seasonal offerings for Easter at Fortnum and Mason are sure to please many a foodie. The Easter Feast Hamper costs £90.00, and includes half a leg of lamb, a jar of Fortnum's Mint Savour, traditional Simnel Cake and a batch of chocolate eggs, all wrapped up in a stylish wicker basket.

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