The Path of Beauty - Best Make Up Stores in London

Cheval Phoenix House is near many beauty stores in London.

There are two kinds of women: the ones that like make up and the ones that LOVE make up. For special occasions only or in a daily basis; every women has her own beauty ritual.

If you are in London and want to try the makeup stores that live in every british ladies' heart, here are the places to find them:

Make Up Store -
Carnaby Street, 32
This shop is in the heart of the more commercial area of ​​London, close to Oxford Circus, in Carnaby Street. The british brand that offers an affordable and complete professional makeup collection  (a cream eyeshadow costs 15 pounds, for example). They even offer courses for you to learn how to do your own makeup.

Biba Vintage Make Up 
Brick Lane Street 
This is a hot tip for lovers and collectors of makeup. Big brand in the beauty industry, the Biba Vintage Make Up was the first brand to create and design colorful products. Although hard, it is possible to find these precious products in the Brick Lane Street, which takes place every Sunday and is ten minutes away from Liverpool Station.

Croydon, 26 - Progress Way
The brand became known in the English market in the '70s, when it became the punks favorite make up  due to the diversity of fancy colors, a  fluorescent/vibrant feeling. The brand can be found in the Kryolan store, but its official address is a little outside London. Got to love the Permanent Lip Liner Pen, a semi permanent liner that costs about 10 pounds and is great for use before the lipstick - it only comes out with a very powerful makeup remover!

Cyberdog -
Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road
Shop specialized in "futuristic and cybernetic" articles created by designer Terry Davy and located in the Camden Market, at the entrance of the stables. The shop is huge! Besides clothes, decorative items, CDs, there is a space devoted to makeup. You will find the famous Mily Eye Flashes, those stickers for the eyes and fluorescent body painting.

Charles Fox -
Tavistock Street 22
It is the make up paradise. You will find products for the everyday use and also the most professional and artistic materials from brands like Kryolan and llamaska, ​​at prices well below normal.

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