True Taste

Cheval Residences, the London luxury residences by excellence, recommend Sipsmith Independent Distillers for their refined taste. 

"We're small, we're independent and we craft truly artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality" - The Sipsmiths 

What else would the distinguished gourmet want? If finding the true tase of spirits is what you search for when you savour these delicate beverages, Sipsmith Independent Distillers is your answer. 

How have they maintained the art of distillation over the years? Simply by using the techniques of our ancestors. Hence, the Sipsmiths as they humouristically nickname themselves, are proud to present the organisation's latest baby, Prudence, the first copper still to be launched in London for over 200 years making the distillation of both vodka and gin possible. 


We are a few days into summer, this is why we have selected for you "summer in a glass" as recommended by Sipsmith James. The specificity of this blend, known as the"summer cup", is from summers past. You will be taking a journey back to the summers of the 1800's. Bon voyage!
Summer Cup

And if you are interested to know more, the Sipsmiths have a fascinating blog where you will be able to go around the world through 80 gins or learn interesting, but always authentic recipes. 

Also, you may want to sign up for a tour and really meet Prudence. This is also possible, and if you are lucky you should be able to squeeze into the schedule for next Wednesday...

Find the Sipsmiths on 27 Nasmyth Street, W6 0HA. 


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