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With exactly 99 apartments and 23 years of steep history, Cheval Gloucester Park is a London landmark in the making. Currently sitting at #2 in TripAdvisor’s ‘Specialty Lodging’ category, this residence has all the bells and whistles of a five star home in the big city.
I recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Head Concierge Carlos and his team, Karol, Ali and Ned. The guys love being a pivotal part of the guest experience, helping to create the homely atmosphere Cheval is renowned for. With 12 hour shifts and shorter working weeks, life is never dull! 

Arriving at 8am, an hour before my usual start to the day. The first thing I experienced was the daily handover, where the team discusses guest requirements, upcoming fire safety inspections and Carlos also reminds the team to encourage guests to leave TripAdvisor feedback as they are determined to claim Cheval Three Quays’ #1 position! Once the meeting has finished, the team go about their morning routine, making sure the driveway is clean and clear, checking the daily log book and being on hand to assist with any guest enquiries.

After returning from my guided Back of House tour in which I experienced the maze of corridors and inner workings of this residence, I learned about the ‘Cheval Promise of the Week’. An interesting personal touch where colleagues are encouraged to ‘follow up’ on promises and commitments, including showing initiative and expertise; acknowledging mistakes and even brainstorming how to improve the services we offer. Another interesting personal touch at Cheval Gloucester Park is the DVD collection for loan for guests, sitting proudly behind the Concierge desk.

The role of our Concierge in comparison to that of a hotel is very different, we provide a full induction to the apartment with our customers. Devices are connected to the wifi, welcome hampers explained and anything else to help make our guests feel the comfort of home. Milk is also delivered straight to your door daily by Bob the milkman, a well know character in the Kensington neighbourhood.

The rest of the day was met with lots of detailed tasks which included faxing for clients, coordinating couriers and allocating last minute online bookings. Carlos and the team really do run a tight ship!

When visiting one of the top floor apartments, I was astonished at the stunning views across London, here’s a short video of what I experienced…

I had a fantastic day with a great team and I can really understand why Cheval Gloucester Park has many loyal guests returning year after year.

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