A Londoner's Beauty Summer Kit

The Post Festival Recovery Kit by Hayley
Cheval Gloucester Park has a Boots nearby.

We wait all year for the summer to enjoy the best of the open air. But staying more outside means more time standing up, less sleep, more time in the sun and a lot more walking. And that can make us look tired... which is not at all the face of summer.

London beauty queen +Hayley Carr set up what she calls a "post festival recovery kit", as in London summer = music festivals everywhere (and we love it). 

But we thought this selection is also good for every summer event, perfect to make you look fresh all season long. And the best? You can find all the products in London, some in stores like Boots, which we can find everywhere in the city. Here are the selected products in Hayley's words:

1. For The Hair:  Matrix Biolage Delicate Care Masque £12.50
As much of a saviour as dry shampoo is, there's only so many times you can use it without your hair refusing to do as it's asked. If your hair is used to being washed every couple of days, grab an intensive treat to say thanks for its patience. The Matrix Delicate Care Masque is super easy to use and needs only a few minutes to take action. It will leave your hair feeling softer, more refreshed and manageable after a traumatic weekend away.

2. For The Bags: Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream £24.60
You may have (just about) caught up on your sleep, but it's likely your eyes don't look as fresh as they did before a weekend of late nights and excessive dancing. Get rid of the tell-tale signs of having too much fun, with Bliss' Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream. Use it morning and night for a couple of days and you'll soon notice the skin around your eyes looks brighter and rejuvenated.

3. For The Skin: Body Shop 3 in 1 Scrub Mask £10
Your skin will undoubtedly have taken a battering over the festival weekend. Sun exposure (if you were lucky), lack of routine and facilities to keep your face squeaky clean will have caused havoc. This Honey and Oat 3 in 1 face mask from The Body Shop is a weekly treatment to gently remove dead skin cells, while moisturising and refining the delicate skin on your face.

4. For The Overworked Feet: Boots Gorgeous Feet Intensive Moisturiser £4.99
Standing, dancing and walking long distances all have an impact on your feet, especially if you wear sensible shoes or wellie boots that you're not used to. Give your feet a little bit of well deserved loving with Boots Gorgeous Feet Intensive Moisturiser, helping to rid yourself of dry heels and treat any sore spots.

5. For The Tired Peepers: Vital Eyes Moisturising Eye Drops £3.60
These drops may be an essential item in your initial festival survival kit, but they're essential for your recovery too. As a fuss free way to add the sparkle back into your eyes (without stinging), Vitaleyes helps overworked eyes with only a couple of drops. These are also great if you're cursed with hay fever or just need a little pick-me-up.

6. For The Dry Lips: Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter £7.99
More moisture is lost from the lips than any other part of the body, so it's important to give them a bit of TLC if you've been playing hard. Perfect for moisturising lips while adding a splash of colour, I love Revlon's Colourburst lip butter - especially as its sheer colour comes in lots of fruity on-trend shades to take you through summer, beginning to end. 

And to protect your eyes, don't forget your favorite sunglasses!

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