Tips to make the perfect Brunch

Cheval Three Quays is going to have the perfect view for a nice brunch! Opening in 2014

Last week we talked about the best places to have Brunch in London. Because it is such a summer-kind of meal, we decided to stay in the subject.

Unfortunately, not always the sun comes out on the weekends and we have to face a gray, or even rainy, Saturday and Sunday (which should be forbidden during the Summer). And then we just want to stay in bed... But should this mean no Brunch?? NO!! 

So, if you decide to make a delicious Brunch at your own, we can help you with some tips. Remember that in every apartment of Cheval Residences, you can find a fully equipped kitchen! 

To make a good Brunch, it is necessary that the products are extremely fresh. A good tip to keep them at the right temperature is to use bowls with ice, which in addition to practical, will make a special touch in your decor.

Because it is a junction between two main meals, the Brunch tends to be a little saltier. So don't be afraid and invest in a selection of breads, cheeses, salads, cereals and pastries! Even you are having guests over, remember it is important to have a good variation between the hot and cold dishes in the menu.

Bet on a good pasta or risotto. A rustic italian sauce goes great with everything and harmonize very well with some red wine. This dishes are practical and everyone loves them!

For dessert, try a variaty of sweets and lots of fruits! Remember that the fruits must always be already cuted and can be served both natural and dried. Traditional pies and cakes are a must have. The individual portions are also always a great option, try serving sweets to suit all types of guests, like mini tartlets.

For table decoration, use a white towel to make the colors of the food pop! The lightness and delicacy of flowers will give a touch of charm to your table. And to harmonize with the decor and the summer, choose a good dry sparkling or rosé.

We chose some recipes at the in case you need inspiration for your next Brunch:

You can also visit the +Allrecipes UK | Ireland for the UK website. 

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Cheval Three Quays is a Cheval Residences brand. Opening 2014 with fantastic view to the Thames River and the Tower Bridge. 


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