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Cheval Knightsbridge is close to Choccywoccydoohdah London in Carnaby.

Why it took us so long to talk about this place is beyond our understanding. And we are sorry for that. But if you love chocolate you will forgive us, because this tip is better than winning Willy Wonka's golden ticket.

Choccywoccydoodah is more than just a chocolate shop. This London chocolate emporium has a ground floor shop selling creations to take home today as well as feature pieces to inspire bespoke orders. Heading up one floor there is a chocolate cafe where you can indulge your cravings and at the top of the building there is The Secret Room - a chocolate boudoir that can be booked for private events.

The Shop
The exterior of the building is painted black and the interior is all bright red making many raise comparisons and concerns with sex shop styling but this is a chocolate fantasyland.

The Choccywoccydoodah cakes and 'sculptured fantasies' are outrageous in size and style. Everything is kitsch beyond belief and all is created in-house by incredibly talented artisans using the finest Belgian chocolate. This is a showroom of their chocolatier capabilities set off against the striking red walls. A bespoke wedding cake or birthday cake from here definitely makes a statement!

But it's not all large items as the chocolate snails always make me smile and the marshmallow adorned chocolate sheep at Easter keep my family happy. There are plenty of chocolate novelties to buy and they do love their pets so there are some fabulous lifesize dog sculptures in pure chocolate. The price range goes from under £10 to £1,000s so there is something for everyone. I personally love the salted popcorn chocolate slabs.

Chocolate Cafe
It may not seem obvious that the cafe is there but there are signs and as long as the stairs aren't roped off the cafe is open and you can head upstairs. You can't book a table so expect weekends to be busy but pop by on a weekday afternoon and you'll usually get seated immediately.

There is table service so once seated the menu will be brought to your table and it's a huge chalked blackboard as nothing is small and understated in the cafe either.

If you have time to linger try to get a window seat so you can watch the Carnaby shopping district below. There is free wifi too.

The Secret Room
This top floor level is also known as the Chocolate Boudoir. It's for private events and is for adults only. It's a true chocolate lovers wonderland with an endless supply of chocolate goodies for the lucky few. It can be hired for birthdays, family celebrations, wedding receptions, etc. You can bring your own alcohol or they can supply hot chocolate and milkshakes.

Choccywoccydoohdah's London site is not very big but it's all rather camp, totally bonkers and a lot of fun too. They also have a store in Brighton, cool city we talked about here, just a couple of hours outside London.

30-32 Fouberts Place
London W1F 7PS

Nearest Tube Station: Oxford Circus.

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