New Louboutins "Les Nudes" at Harrods

The Parisian shoe designer Christian Louboutin has taken another look at the ‘nude’ shoe, and is offering customers a choice of colors to match their skin tone, part of a growing trend.

For a long time we’ve been describing shoes (and other clothing items) as ‘nude’, without thinking twice about what exactly ‘nude’ means, when for plenty of luxury consumers, so-called ‘nude’ items provide certain contrast to their own nude skin tone.

With the new collections, Les Nudes, Christian Louboutin has stepped in with a range of new nude shoes, hitting select stores this month, designed to more fully match a range of human skin colors.

Five classic Louboutin styles (including the celebrity red carpet favorite, the Pigalle model) have been reimagined in five new nude shades from a light blush to a dark chestnut color. "This collection offers a spectrum of nude, re-imagining the perception of the color as a pale blush, and introducing it as the color of flesh, which ranges well beyond this traditional reference," say Louboutin.

There’s also an app, called Louboutin Shades and available on the iTunes app store, which asks you to take a photo of your foot and matches your skin tone to the appropriate ‘nude’ shoe accordingly.

The Fifi, a round-toe court (£395) and the Flo (peep toes, £525) are already in the brand's Mount Street store and on their beautiful store in Harrods in London, and will be available online imminently.

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